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Are you getting fintech fatigue? we get it.

there’s hundreds of fintechs out there that look the same, act the same, and function the same, but somehow they’re always the “unique one” that’s “disrupting the industry”.

well, umber isn’t like that. instead, we’re building something that nobody else has yet - a current account just for teenagers aged 11-18. we think every young person should have a really nice introduction to finance which makes it easy for them to manage their money, so we’re building a current account to do it. we’re not slapping a new interface on another monzo, nor are we building an account for parents, this is entirely new.

at the moment “we” are a team of one (hi!) that left monzo a few months ago to try and bring this idea alive. we’ve since finished a funding round, and are now looking for employee number 1!

if you want...

- to join a day 0 start-up that’s moving hella quick

- equity %

- the ability to build a new brand from a blank canvas

- to be designer #1

- to grow your vision to thousands of young people

then this is for you.

you should...

- be good at brand design

- have experience in early stage start-ups

- have built and grown company brands

- have experience with marketing or growth

- have some experience with gen-z teens (being one or having one counts!)

- live around london or be able to commute in

but these aren’t requirements! you as a person matter far more than any qualifier (age, qualifications, location, etc.), so don’t worry if you don’t fully fit into a couple of these boxes.

however, this is a role for a senior-mid level designer.

if you’ve not had much experience designing brands, or have not built tech / start-up brands before, this probably isn’t for you.

this is also the only role that"s up for grabs, so if you don’t do brand design then this also isn’t right for you.

if you’re interested, reach out by responding to this job listing, pinging me an email, or hitting me up on twitter @lucasjohnston.

speak soon! : )

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