UI/UX Designer

Princeton, New York City
Remote friendly

We’re a new startup in the AI space, and our mission is "Explainable AI for Humans". We closed a substantial seed round in July and are in stealth mode until we have customers. So you could say we are "post-seed, pre-customer".

Our SAAS platform will provide human-friendly, domain-specific explanations of AI models. This will enable businesses to remove a key blocker to adoption of advanced AI: these are typically black-box algorithms that are difficult to trust, especially in high-stakes situations. Human-friendly explanations will improve trust in these models.

We are looking for a UI/UX designer to create a fluid, top-class user-experience for our Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) platform. The UI would involve dynamic, interactive and highly-responsive data visualizations, tables and text elements.

We would like the UI/UX designer to design high-fidelity (clickable) prototypes Sketch, Figma (or similar tools) and work closely with our front-end developer to iterate on the design and realize the vision.

If you find that this resonates with you, I"d love to have a conversation!

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