Product Designer

New York City
Remote friendly

We assume if you’re reading this you have a passion for the same thing we do. If truly so then what you read should excite you.

This requisite is for an experienced and/or incredibly capable Product Designer to join our team.

Design-inclined frontend engineers highly-encouraged to apply. UX-only, UI-only, and visual-only designers need not apply.

If you do not fit the below then we encourage you not apply as a time-saving effort for all parties involved. Thank you in advance for your time and for your interest in our business venture.

Important: We are offering an above-market compensation package comprised of benefits, salary, and equity.

The Product Designer we’re looking for has the following skillset:

The translation of your product vision into production-level code that impresses and excites your software engineering counterparts.

The ability to illustrate your visual skill-set that makes your entire team feel confident in your ability to communicate marketing goals, product goals, and most importantly business goals.

The natural disposition to release ideas quickly to learn (cause you know that’s what makes you a better designer)

The clear understanding that ego comes second to business goals.

Astute and effective debating skills mixed perfectly with your ability to communicate ideas that you’ve thought of, designed and/or prototyped.

The ability to get excited about a vision that’s been set, or of which you may lack immediate context. The natural inclination to trust your team, not oppose them.

The sometimes visceral, and to-date unexplainable, need to build something great with people you respect and love.

The natural, excitable bent toward teaching what you know and more so, learning what you don’t.

Imperfect punctuality record, but one you’re aware of and trying to improve on

Very long-term vision

Weird ideas

A sense of humor

You are, regarding to:

(1) Product




Brand-driven and visually informed

(2) Interaction




(3) Implementation




Inclined to ship

(4) Communication




Incessant and determined


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